Sunday, February 28, 2010

Throat Burns After Nasal Spray Annoying Problem Please Help?

Annoying problem please help? - throat burns after nasal spray

for about 3 months ago I had a problem with my throat and I do not know what is it?
alllllllllllll blocked constantly feel the time, I sometimes accumulation of mucus after eating and have the fire my throat still hurt, if done in the food, after dinner, sometimes I've also had some burns
but most just feel stuck ..
I have been to many doctors about it and once tried various medications, but nothing seems to help .. the first doctor treated me for the post-nasal discharge and prescribed a nasal spray, but that does not work .. and then he has prescribed a medication for acid reflux and never works
I have nooo idea what this is very annoying wrongg
Does anybody know what this coULD be?

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