Monday, February 15, 2010

Old Ship Diagrams Book How Do You Build A Model Of An Old Ship?

How do you build a model of an old ship? - old ship diagrams book

I have this model a boat in the book "Adventures of Charlotte Doyle," AVI. If you know what Im talking book, theres a chart on the back of the book, and I understand these things. For those who do know do not know what I mean, just to a few basics, how to make a boat difficult aspect of Century 18 ... And I mean, a big boat, I think of it as a miniature model.

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iroc70 said...


Number one:

find any type of boat is it?

Number 2:

Get or make a copy of the plans have plans for the model or the ship for the same size, a great help

No. 3:

What is to be the size you want or what the size of the thing, or it will occupy space in your room. These determine the size of the model

For example, a boat that is 50 meters long, which will be 12 inches wide space

50/12 = 4.16666 or 1 inch = 4 3 / 16 feet

and if the width is 20 feet wide

20 / 4.1666 = 4.8 cm wide

Then choose the material for each part of the ship. and you need to add each piece.

Good for him.

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