Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Make Fake Vajina How Do I Make Fake Blood For A Beyond Birthday Costume?

How do i make fake blood for a beyond birthday costume? - make fake vajina

I `m on Death Note cosplay birthday and I` m stop at the T-shirt. The T-shirts have to have blood on it and I need to make easyist and fastest way to make fake blood too. And if you represent have any advice on the best way that would help the T-Shirt A.


ʇsǝʍ ǝɥʇ ɟo™ɥɔʇıʍ pǝʞɔıʍ said...

Corn syrup and red dye artificial blood important.
Doing a little bit to take in an appropriate container or containers wide open apart, put the shirt down, and "deep" the "blood" on them a little at a time, you also need to drizzle, so it looks like real blood splatter.

Cotton Candy said...

Finger is what worked for me. It is for children and does not seem so many other things that irritate me.

BlondieG... said...

Red Dye

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